If you are missing teeth due to cavities, accident or injury, dental bridges can help. At our clinic, we offer durable, quality dental bridges in red deer at affordable prices. A dental bridge is a false tooth that is placed on either side of the missing teeth. Our porcelain dental bridges seamlessly blend with your natural teeth and make you feel more confident. Get in touch with us now to book your appointment. We serve patients in Red Deer.

How can dental bridge help?

When you have a missing tooth, it can not only make you feel less confident, but can also make eating and speaking uncomfortable. Our dental bridges can help:

  • Restore your smile
  • Help you chew better
  • Help you speak better
  • Maintain the shape of your face
  • Distribute the force when you chew
  • Help you retain the position of your other teeth

What is the procedure for getting a dental bridge?

During the first visit, our dentist will prepare the abutment teeth. This involves recontouring teeth in order to make space for the crown to be placed over them. After this our dentist will take an impression of the teeth to act as a model for the bridge to be created. Our dentist will make a temporary crown to prevent the treated area from being exposed.

During the next visit, we will remove the temporary bridge, and fix the new porcelain bridge. We will make all necessary adjustments to ensure that you feel comfortable with your new bridge.

Filling gaps 

Dental bridges offer a number of benefits for the structure of the mouth. If there is a gap in the jaw, it causes the teeth to shift position and spread out, which in turn causes more gaps in the teeth. Dental bridges can help you reduce the risk of teeth moving apart and helps maintains the facial structure.

At our clinic, we offer durable and quality dental bridges in red deer. Our bridges will help compensate for the loss of the original teeth. They can be made to closely match the color of the surrounding teeth. It will help you improve self-esteem and confidence. Contact a member of our team for more information.


Easy maintenance 

Our dental bridges are easy to maintain. Our patients need a short time to become accustomed to the dental bridge. Unlike dentures, you don’t not have to remove the bridges to clean them, they can be cleaned by brushing just like your natural teeth.

Please avoid hard food such as nuts, caramel and popcorn to ensure that they are in top condition at all times. Most dental bridges last for seven to ten years with good care. Talk to us for more details about how to effectively clean your dental bridges.

Disadvantages of dental bridges

Before you decide on dental bridges, please note that there are few disadvantages. Some of them are:

  • There is a risk of decay if the bridge is not fitted well.
  • If the supporting abutment teeth have insufficient strength, it may even worsen the original situation.

Please consider both the advantages and disadvantages before you make your decision. You can always rely on our dentist to guide you and help you make the right choice. Call us now to book your appointment.

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