Periodontitis is gum disease; it causes infection and damages the soft tissue and the bone that supports the tooth. If you do not treat this immediately it can lead to the loss of alveolar bone around the teeth.

Periodontitis may increase the risk of stroke, heart attack, and other health problems. Periodontitis are preventable by maintaining good dental hygiene. At our clinic, we offer periodontal treatment at affordable prices. Get in touch with us now for more information or to book an appointment. We will be happy to help you with all your needs.

How to determine whether you have periodontitis 

To determine whether you have periodontitis, and how severe it is, our dentist will:

  • Review your medical history to check if there are any factors contributing to the disease, such as if you are taking certain medications that are causing dry mouth or if you are a smoker.
  • We will then examine your mouth to check for plaque and tartar build-up
  • We will measure the the pocket depth of your gums. If the pockets are deeper than 4 mm this may indicate periodontitis.
  • We will also take a dental X-rays to check for bone loss

Treatment for periodontitis

At our clinic, we offer effective and reliable treatment for periodontitis. This treatment will be performed by our expert periodontist or a dental hygienist. The main aim of our periodontitis treatment is to clean the pockets around teeth and prevent any damage to surrounding bone. In addition to the treatment, it is also essential to adopt good oral care, and manage health conditions that impact your dental health.

Effective treatment

Based on the severity of the condition our dentist offer two kinds of treatments, one is nonsurgical treatment and the other is surgical.

Nonsurgical treatment

If periodontitis is detected at an early stage, less invasive procedures can be used to treat it. This includes:

  • Scaling: This helps remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and the gums. This procedure is performed by our dentist by using a laser or an ultrasonic device.
  • Root planning: Here we will smoothen the root surfaces and remove bacteria that contribute to inflammation.
  • Antibiotics: In some cases, we offer recommended our patients to take oral antibiotics that can help control bacterial infection. We also offer antibiotic mouth rinses or gels that can help clean the pockets.


Surgical treatments

If you have advanced periodontitis, we may need dental surgery, some of the invasive treatments we offer are:

Bone grafting: If periodontitis has destroyed the bone surrounding your tooth root, we suggest bone grafting. The bone graft prevents tooth loss may help in the regrowth of natural bone.

Flap surgery: We will make a tiny incision in your gum and lift a section of gum tissue for effective scaling. As periodontitis causes bone loss, there are chances that the underlying bone is recontoured before the gum tissue is sutured back.

Soft tissue grafts: When your gumline recedes. You will have to reinforce damaged soft tissue. This is done by removing a small amount of tissue from a donor source and attaching it to the affected site. This will reduce gum recession.

Guided tissue regeneration: This treatment enables the regrowth of bone that is severely damaged by bacteria.

Tissue-stimulating proteins: This involves applying a special gel to a diseased tooth root. This aids in developing tooth enamel and helps in the growth of healthy bone and tissue.

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