Dr. Glen Chabaylo



Being a general dentist embodies my core values of honesty, integrity, and treating others as I would like to be treated. I am privileged to care for those in my community, people I have come to know as friends and consider a part of my extended family. As each patient I meet is different, so are their dental needs. Whether I am performing restorative work to improve a patient’s oral health or creating an aesthetically pleasing smile, the required attention to detail is what really clicks with my personality and one of the main reasons I joined the health care field.

Education and experience

My formal education in dentistry occurred at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. I still enjoy learning 35 years later as much as I did back then. I am an active member of:

  1. Canadian Dental Association
  2. Alberta Dental Association and College

My team

On a daily basis, I work with outstanding personalities I am proud to call my team, starting with my associates Dr. Chao, Dr. Kobi, and Dr. Engel, and the rest of our support staff. Between all of us, we hope to cater to the various schedules our patients have, as well as their unique personalities. The support team, without whom I could not operate, is an exceptional mix of professionals who not only relish their work, but really enjoy each other. With wonderful personalities working in a harmonious environment, coming to “work” doesn’t seem like “work.”