How do Dentists Detect Cavities?

How do dentists detect cavities

A cavity is a hole in a tooth, this develops in a tooth due to tooth decay. Cavities are formed when the acids in the mouth erode the enamel. Cavities can happen to anyone at any age. Cavities can be detected through various methods such as physical and x-ray examinations. During the clinical exam dentists use specific equipment to detect the presence of cavities along the tooth surface. If the instrument detects a dental cavity, it could be due to severe enamel damage. A visual examination can also determine cavities. Your dentist will check for discoloured teeth, this is usually an indication of a dental cavity.

Other methods used by a dentist are dental x rays. Dental x rays can help dentist find cavities between teeth and beneath the gum-line. In some cases, disclosing solution is required to diagnose presence of cavities. Get in touch with us if you are suspicious of having a cavity.

How does dentist detect tooth decay?

Your dentist will also determine the type of cavity, that is, if it is smooth surface, pit and fissure, or root.

What are the common treatments for cavities?

Treatment of cavities depends on its severity. Treatment options include:

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